It’s Time to Get Ready for Winter Chill

December 2013

As Floridians, it’s tempting to sit back and watch the rest of the country shiver when those artic winds hit. But don’t let our unusually warm fall convince you winter will pass us by. If you haven’t already, now is the time to prepare for a freeze on your farm.

Flush irrigation lines and check micro-jets and sprinklers you’ll be using for frost protection. After sporadic summer use, your lines may be more clogged than you imagine. Be sure to do a thorough cleaning or replace filters that may otherwise contribute to irrigation pressure loss. Then check your irrigation system to be sure it will effectively deliver water to your crops.

Also check your motor and gearhead assembly. If you use electric wells, an electrician should visually inspect wires and control boxes, along with amperage and draw. Growers with engine units need to change oil, check belts, evaluate the battery, service the gearhead, and top off fuel.

Using your time wisely now will pay off later. Preparing properly for those inevitable cold nights will help you battle the cold more effectively— and efficiently—when the need arises.

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