Laser Leveling

This portion of our business has absolutely exploded in the past few years. As water permitting of all types is becoming more difficult to obtain, we are working with landowners to better manage water runoff and promote proper drainage.

Our laser leveling equipment will accurately pitch your land with both “X” and “Y” coordinates to promote proper drainage. At the beginning of a project we take elevation measurements around the worksite. Along with the landowner we determine the desired pitch to promote drainage while preventing erosion.

Herbicide is applied to the worksite to effectively eradicate all vegetation types. After the vegetation has been killed, the area is thoroughly disked or tilled. Disking and tilling are crucial to properly break up root mass and allow the smooth panning of soil and its passing under the leveling blade. After an area is leveled to the desired fall, the areas can be seeded or crops planted.

This process is continually proving to be crucial as new root stocks in crops and citrus become more dependent on soil moisture in the absence of standing water.