Plastic Ground Cover

The laying of plastic ground cover is gaining in popularity throughout the row crop community. With the ever-increasing cost of chemicals and water restrictions, ground cover is a highly effective tool in management. Our plastic machine will lay rolls up to 60 inches wide, put down two rows of drip irrigation tape, and spread granular fertilizer all in one pass.

Plastic ground cover almost completely eliminates the need for costly herbicides. By covering the soil and planting in an opening just large enough for plants to emerge and grow, weeds are almost completely eliminated.

Using drip irrigation growers are able to irrigate crops sufficiently and minimize watering costs. Fertilizers are held close to the plant roots and will not wash away with the rains as you would expect with not protected by ground cover.

Plastic ground covering is becoming increasingly popular in organics. By controlling weeds and reducing the amount of high-cost organic fertilizers, organic growers are embracing this practice.